The Haga Initiative recently launched its Greenhouse Gas Emissions Disclosure report 2012, with 12 leading companies reporting their green house gas emissions.  

If companies are to achieve their climate goals, it is vital to measure and follow up key indicators. As part of this, for the third year running, the Haga Initiative has produced a joint greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) disclosure. The 12 member companies of the network, representing various industries, have committed themselves to reduce their climate impact with at least 40% by 2020 through own actions. Many of the companies have set more ambitious targets, e.g. Coca-Cola Enterprises Sweden with a reduction goal of 80 % over the period 2004-2020 and Vasakronan that aims to achieve zero emissions by 2020. 

The members of the Haga Initiative voluntarily calculate and disclose their climate impact each year. One conclusion the member companies can draw from the results is that the disclosure of GHG emissions implies reduced emissions in the long term.

- In our operations we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 47% compared to 2004, while our volume sales increased considerably. Disclosing our emissions is an important driver that enable us to continuously reduce our climate impact, says Pierre Decroix, Managing Director Coca-Cola Enterprises Sweden.

Each year, the Haga Initiative is striving to become more and more transparent and uniform in its reporting. A new dimension in this years’ disclosure is that emissions from the whole value chain, both up- and downstream, are reported in a more transparent manner. 

- A new aspect is that we this year have broadened our disclosure to include waste disposal, packaging and transportation of goods. These categories together represent almost 30% of Scan’s total emissions. We think it is strategically important to broaden the GHG emission disclosure year after year, says Göran Holm, CEO at HKScan Sweden.

Read the Haga Initiative´s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Disclosure here.

For more information: Nina Ekelund, Program Director of the Haga Initiative, tel: +46 (0)735-022 464

The Haga Initiative consists of the following companies: Axfood, Coca-Cola Enterprises Sverige, Fortum Värme, JM, Lantmännen, Löfbergs, McDonald´s Sverige, Procter & Gamble Sverige, HKScan Sweden, Stena Recycling, Statoil Fuel & Retail and Vasakronan.The Haga Initiative is a network of companies that works to reduce carbon emissions from the business sector and highlight the climate issue by showing that ambitious climate strategies create business advantages and improve profitability.